In TRITHORN BULK, we pride ourselves on being “a THORNICO company,” hence a part of the global conglomerate THORNICO. THORNICO was founded in the 1990’ies by father and son, Thor and Christian Stadil. The conglomerate consists of more than 120 operational companies within various business sectors as shipping, food, technology, real estate, packaging, financing, sport and fashion.

THORNICO is first of all a family-owned business. To quote the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, THORNICO strives to meet employees, partners and customers ”where they are,” having a local approach, respecting and adapting to both market and cultural differences. THORNICO is thinking in terms of involvement, shared leverage and ownership. Therefore, even though THORNICO has grown substantially, there is a strong endeavour to keep the “small company and family feeling,” staying flexible, agile and curious. A flat and flexible structure that permeates down through the entire organization, creating good relations and strong bonds between the different companies. A cohesion which makes it possible to utilize the valuable synergies that arise by being a part of such a large and diversified conglomerate.

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Flip through the THORNICO brochure to get an introduction to the diverse business portfolio of THORNICO.